Let’s make use of all your resource as: time, cost, human, effort…..to create value and profit for your company, instead of calculating wage/salary, Tax, Social Insurance, Compensation & benefit….Why you don’t outsource your payroll. This is the best solution for problems in HR management, help you reduce cost, save time, stop error, focus on your core advantage.

How to choose the most quality Payroll service provider? In this article, we would like to show you some key criteria to choose provider:

  1. Transparency:

It is hardly to trust your payroll for the other company/organization out of your company. Therefore, the first criteria is their reputation, transparency. Whenever you can check and follow your figure on provider’s management system to ensure transparency in reports

  1. Quality of service

The quality provider always ensures accuracy, on time, legal compliance.....

  1. Cost

Entrepreneur always hope to reduce cost and maximize profit, so service fee is one of essential factors to choose the best provider


ESOS want to create the best values for Client. Give us your trust, we bring to you:

  • Transparency in reports
  • Information security
  • Professional in work
  • Modern management technology
  • Reduce cost but get the most quality service
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