The procedure for establishing a representative office is carried out in the following steps:


The required dossiers of representative office documents include:

  1. An application for a license to establish a representative office (form);
  2. Copy of business registration or documents of equivalent value of foreign traders;
  3. Documents of foreign traders appointing heads of representative offices;
  4. Copies of audited financial statements or documents certifying the performance of tax or financial obligations in the latest fiscal year, or documents of equivalent validity issued by competent agencies or organizations where the foreign traders set up or certify and prove the existence and operation of foreign traders in the latest fiscal year;
  5. Copy of passport or identity card or citizen ID card (if Vietnamese) or passport copy (if foreigner) of the head of the Representative Office;
  6. Documentation of the expected location of the representative office include:
  • A copy of a memorandum or agreement to lease a place or a copy of a document proving that the trader has the right to exploit and use the location to locate the Representative Office.
  • Copies of documents on the expected location of the Representative Office (as stipulated in Article 28 of Decree 07/2016 / ND-CP and relevant laws);


  • For documents and components of foreign languages: The document must be translated into Vietnamese and authenticated in accordance with Vietnamese law; must be certified or consularized by a Vietnamese diplomatic representative office or consulate abroad in accordance with the laws of Vietnam.
  • Within 10 working days from the date of decision to establish a representative office, the Office must send a notice to establish a representative office to the Business Registration Office.
  • The name of the representative office must be written in the letters of the Vietnamese alphabet, the letters F, J, Z, W, n, numerals and symbols (The name of the representative office must bear the name of the business and accompany follow the phrase "representative office").