In order to establish a company with 100% Vietnamese capital, Clients need to know the establishment process of 4 stages as follows:

Established-the-vietnam-company-ESOSResults obtained after completing the business establishment procedures:

  • Business registration license + business tax code
  • Enterprise legal seal
  • Company charter (Establishment statement, capital contribution certificate, Member registration book, Business registration application, company charter)
  • VAT invoice
  • Notice of the use of print order invoice
  • Notice of opening bank account to the Department of
  • Planning and Investment
  • Registration table of fixed asset depreciation method
  • Notice of the method of calculating VAT of taxpayers
  • Notice of application of tax deduction method
  • Notice of confirmation of e-tax filing
  • Notice of invoice issuance
  • Certificate of use of digital certificates
  • The token makes tax declaration online

Note: This is all documents and records for a company to operate in accordance with the law and avoid risks for businesses later.

To reduce risks in the process of implementing and saving time, please contact ESOS immediately for advice and implementation of procedures.