With 15 years' experience in the field Finance - Legal - Public Administration, created ESOS and noted expert in this three foundations institutions, undertake professional help customers promote more flexible and dynamic mechanism for all operators .
Whether you are an Entrepreneur or a Representative office, a Commercial company or an online Business, a social Organization, or NGO, you can easily use the services, processes and special software to be compatible ESOS quickly with all provisions of existing laws, ensure transparency
Using the services of the ESOS generate financial benefits when you do not want and can not cover the cost of hiring a permanent personnel in the office. While the ESOS, you still cavalier with the field's leading experts with the warranty service is always accurate, professional and timely.

Who are we?

The management team and consultants have over 20 years of experience and served in the field of human resource management for foreign representative offices, diplomatic organizations, non-governmental organizations Has extensive experience in handling cases related problems Work Permit, Social Security, tax settlement ...   Along his vast experience and devotion, Standards and Credits of the entire team ensures a perfect service for customers
Service Administrator salaries are a logical choice for businesses that want to save costs and increase flexibility, while ensuring confidentiality. Salary administration services include: Management of timekeeping - Payroll - Payroll Makes votes - Making synthetic payroll - set the tracking table and balance the books and household payroll. Administration salaries to help businesses do not need to invest in software or personnel to ensure smooth work, accurate, timely and still can reference, check anytime.
ESOS carry out professional activities with the attentive and professional: - Helps to calculate Social Security for personnel, registration number with the Social Security authorities - Maintain employee database - Implement the legal procedures related to labor law, such as social insurance (insurance certificate, health insurance card, to demand payment of social insurance for employees)
Implementation of tax procedures for employees: - As personal income tax for employees. - Manage the deduction of personal income tax (PIT) for workers in businesses and finalization by the end of the year. - The structure and management of the annual welfare of workers, medical support, all kinds of bonuses. Compensation structure and tax planning for employees.
Outsource your accounting is a reasonable and saving solution meet demands of small – mid business or newly established businesses. ESOS provide full package accounting service including calculate, prepare bookkeeping, report monthly/quarterly, tax declaration, work with audit company and the authorities… help your corporation reduce burden about costs and resource. There is no need to organize the accounting department but still, have clear and transparent accounting records.
Foreign laborers working in Vietnam often have difficulty understanding the provisions and no barriers when dealing with administrations. ESOS provides full service including: - Advise the other country on the administrative procedures and documents while working in Vietnam - To apply for a work permit short-term / long-term for foreigners in Vietnam - Making TNCH tax settlement for foreign domestic workers in Vietnam - The procedure for visa extension ....
Consult about contracting seasonal employees for representative offices before official establishment, supplying of personnel in terms of Admin/HR/Accounting/ Chief of Representative, working for the representative offices, economic organizations, diplomatic. Implementing all administrative procedures for initial establishment as well as closing procedures.
Admin ESOS,
Date 28 Month 03/2023


I.  TAX PAYER WHO NEED TO DO THE PIT FINALIZATIONA. For person who do the finalization directly with Tax departmentIndividuals who have 02 sources of income (or more) that not meet the requirement of authorization,...

Admin ESOS,
Date 23 Month 06/2022

EXPIRY COMING SOON: Report on using the foreign labor

According to Decree 152/2020/NĐ-CP on December 30th, 2020 about foreign employees who are working in Vietnam and recruitment, management local employees who are working for foreign enterprises in Vietnam.To implement in accordance with the law...

Admin ESOS,
Date 16 Month 06/2022

Conditions and rates of pensions for foreign workers in Vietnam

1. Foreign employees eligible for pension in Vietnam According to Clause 1, Article 2, Clause 1, Article 9 Decree 143/2018/ND-CP, foreign employee who are entitled to pension when working in Vietnam includes:Foreign citizens working in Vietnam;Subject...


ESOS build visibility and long-term goals become national brand stature, providing services product quality and reputation, respond quickly to all the diverse needs of HR administrative governance, salary administration, market research and competitive prices may well both domestically and internationally.


It has been a pleasure to work with ESOS on payroll and tax issues. The service is professional and reliable. They are always responsive to ad hoc request and will go extra mile in sharing and ensuring we have understood the issues. Their approach is at all times courteous and friendly. We recommend their services to any company.

Ms. Coco Lim - HR Manager of R.O Excelpoint Systems (Pte) Ltd in HCMC

I am completely convinced by professionalism, dedication & accuracy of the ESOS staff – payroll have never been easier!

Ms. Minh Hang - Chief Representative Officer of R.O Nowaco A/S in HCMC

I always be updated the latest policy & regulation thanks to the ESOS, the trouble about procedures had now become the past.

Mr. Yang Minjie - Chief Representative Officer of R.O Shenzhen Tenda International Co., Ltd in HCMC