We provide full-package service and flexible-package service depending on the needs of each client related to Personal Income Tax (PIT) to help your businesses and foreign experts comply with tax regulation and save time.

PIT service package throughout from the initial registration procedure, confirmation of tax obligations of employees with government agencies or PIT finalization for foreign experts returning home, specifically as follows:

  • Tax initial registration;
  • Annual tax declaration and finalization;
  • PIT finalization for foreigners when they return to their country;
  • Instructions on the procedure to get confirmation about the tax and compulsory insurance obligations that have been deducted abroad;
  • Tax exemption for foreigners in accordance with the law;
  • On behalf of taxpayers to work with government agencies to explain tax returns and inspect tax finalization;
  • Supporting tax inspection and getting confirmation for the completion of tax payment obligations in Vietnam.

For more detailed information about PERSONAL INCOME TAX SERVICE, please contact us for advice on a case-by-case.