Foreign employees who have a work permit or work permit exemption certificate for 12 months or more will be granted a temporary residence card. The duration of the temporary residence card will be depend on each specific case.

1. Term of temporary residence card for foreigners working in Vietnam

According to the provisions of the labor law, the work permit granted to foreign workers is valid for a maximum of two years, thus, the temporary residence card for foreigners who having work permit in Vietnam is maximun 02 years.

Notes about passports:

  • In case the valid of passport is not enough 2 years, a temporary residence card will be issued according to the validity of the passport but not less than 1 year.
  • If you are a Chinese citizen holding a passport with an electronic chip (passport with letter "E"), will be granted visa with a maximum validity of 1 year instead of residence card.

2. Conditions for applying for temporary residence cards for foreign employees:

  • Passports must have the validity at least 01 year.
  • The visa foreigner is using must be the LD, LD1, LD2 or DN, DN1, DN2 sponsored by the previous company.
  • In case the foreigner wants to convert from a visa or temporary residence card with other symbols to a residence card for working, a work permit or certificate of work permit exemption and other appropriate conditions as prescribed by the Government is required (Clause 4, Article 7 of Law No. 51/2019/QH14 amending and supplementing a number of articles of the Law on entry, exit, transit and residence of foreigners in Vietnam).
  • Foreigners have a work permit or work permit exemption certificate with a validity of at least 01 year (full 12 months).

3. Procedures and dossiers for a temporary residence card

Dossier to prepare for issuance of temporary residence card for foreigners

  1. Business licenses of the company who hiring foreign employees;
  2. Certificate of seal sample registration or written notice on posting information about the enterprise's seal sample on the national business registration portal;
  3. Registration form of seal sample and signature of legal representative according to form NA16;
  4. 01 certified true copy of work permit or certificate of exemption from work permit of foreign worker;
  5. Application form for temporary residence card (form NA6, NA8);
  6. Letter of introduction for applicant to apply for a temporary residence card at the Immigration Office;
  7. Original passport, visa/ old temporary residence card (Note that the passport has a visa for the right purpose of work. In case the foreigner has been granted a temporary residence card before, it is required to include the temporary residence card in use);
  8. Online temporary residence registration form or foreigner's certificate of temporary residence registration/temporary residence register certified by the police where the foreigner is temporarily residing in Vietnam (Note: In some where immigration authorities will require this document).
  9. Photo 2cm x 3cm: 02 photos with international standards.


  • In case of converting from other purpose visa/residence card to residence card for working, the immigration management agency requires additional documents explaining the suitability and reason of the conversion.
  • In case the foreigners moves to another place of work, the resignation decision or an equivalent document and a written explanation of the suitability of the relocation due to work is required.
  • Relatives of foreigners, including spouses and children under 18 years old, must provide notarized Vietnamese translations of documents proving the relationship.
  • In case of re-issuance of temporary residence card due to loss, damage or replacement of a new passport, a written explanation of the loss, damage, or old passport must be provided.

 Place of submission

Immigration Bureau or Immigration Office of the province/city where the foreigner working.

 Time of execution

05 - 07 working days from the date of submission.

For more information on the procedure for applying for a temporary residence card, 

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