On 16/3, Vietnam Social Insurance Agency informed that on 01/04/2021, new form of health insurance card (HI card) will be used nationwide according to Decision No. 1666/QD-BHXH of Vietnam Social Insurance. Currently, Vietnam social insurance agency is actively preparing to ensure the timely printing and issuing of new cards according to regulations in order to create the most convenience for the people.

The new card will bring more benefits to the people, specially in the progress of card issuance, preservation and using for health check. Thereby, ensure the best benefits of health insurance for the participants in accordance with the law. Specifically, some highlights are as follows:

The current health insurance card is still valid and continues to be used for medical treatment.

From 01/4/2021, the new HI card could be used in parallel with the previous one which was specified in Decision No. 1313/QD-BHXH dated December 2, 2014 and Decision no 1500/QĐ-BHXH dated 14/12/2015, specifically as follows:

- New card will be issued and used nationwide from 01/4/2021. During the period of waiting new card issue, if the previous health insurance card is still valid, it can continue to be used for medical treatment.

- All of social insurance agencies shall issue the new type when the old blank card is used up.

- In Clause 3, article 4, decision no 1666/BHXH clearly stated: Information about the health insurance card number set (Regulations of Vietnam Social Insurance in Decision No. 1351/QD-BHXH dated November 16, 2015 and current guiding documents on health insurance card numbers), address (place of residence or work) and the period of exemption for co-payment within the scope of health insurance benefits when getting health check at the right route, is updated on the Data collection portal of Health insurance assessment information system and Vietnam social insurance e-portal.

Therefore, even if the new card is applied, information about the participants' benefits are still recorded in the system to serve the implementation of medial treatment services covered by health insurance. So, the participants who keep the new or old health insurance card, can all use them for medical treatment and entitled the benefits as prescribed.

Procedures for issuing new health insurance cards are still implemented according to current regulations.

Procedures for issuing new health insurance card still be implemented follow to Decision no 595/QĐ-BHXH, Decision no 505/QĐ-BHXH and the current guiding documents on health insurance card of Vietnam Social Insurance.

The participants, employers can apply the document to get the new card directly at SI Agency or carry out the procedure for change of health insurance card on the National Public Service Portal (at website: www.dichvucong.gov.vn). Note: In case of carry out the procedure online, the employer can prepare the document by using the declaration software of Vietnam Social Security or I-VAN; digitally sign the document and send it to the website of Vietnam Social Insurance or through I-VAN.

With using new card from 01/4/2021, participants will be supported more conveniently in the process of applying for the card, preserving, and using the card to perform medical check under health insurance. The new card is one of the effective administrative reform solutions of Vietnam social insurance, bring the best benefits for participants, create favorable conditions for health care facilities covered by health insurance and SI Agency in the process of implementing health insurance policies.