In Resolution No. 70/2018 / QH14 dated November 9, 2018 on the State budget estimate for 2019, The National Assembly assigns the Government to adjust the basic salary from VND 1.39 million/month to VND 1.49 million/month from July 1, 2019, increasing the level of compulsory social insurance for employee to suit the new base salary.

ừ ngày 01/7/2019 tăng các mức hưởng chế độ BHXH đối với NLĐ

Specifically, from July 1, 2019, the social insurance regime for employees is implemented as follows:

  • Allowance for health care and health recovery in case of illness in one day is VND 447,000 (current level is VND 417,000);

  • Allowance for female employee maternity or adoption under 06 months of age is VND 2.98 million (the current level is VND 2.78 million) for each child;

  • In the case of childbirth but only the father participates in social insurance, the father is entitled to a lump sum allowance of VND 2,980,000 (the current rate is VND 2,780,000) for each child;

  • Allowance for health care and rehabilitation in case after treatment for the disability, illness in 1 day at home is VND 372,500 (current level is VND 347,500);

  • Allowance for convalescence and health recovery in case after treatment of injury, illness in 1 day at the centralized facility: VND 596,000 (current level is VND 556,000).

According to Vietnam Social Insurance