Workers want the maximum pension benefit for 5 years to pay social insurance (SI), the premium calculated on the salary and allowances, increased sickness allowance ... is the key changes of the Law on Social Insurance Congress 2014 takes effect from 01.01.2016.

Social insurance premium increase

This is the most important changes in the Social Insurance Act 2014. Currently, employees pay compulsory social insurance based on the basic salary. For people who receive salaries from the budget of base salary multiplied by the coefficient. With employees in the enterprise is the wage agreement with the employer specified in the contract, but not less than the minimum wage.

From 01.01.2016 to the end of 2017, the premium rate based on salary plus allowances stated in the labor contract. From 01.01.2018 onwards, closed on wages and allowances and additional amounts stated in the labor contract. Earnings are defined as fixed amounts, less volatile, including money to offset labor conditions, the complexity of work, living conditions, the level of wages attract workers but agreed in the contract not to mention or incomplete calculation.

As a rule, employees pay 8%, the remaining 18% will come from employers who close, a total of 26% to close to social security funds.

Amounts workers must contribute (Read more). Graphics: Tien Thanh - Hoang Phuong.

Want maximum pension benefit must pay an additional 5 years SI

The new law stipulated time schedule ascending social insurance to the maximum pension benefit (75% of the average monthly wage in social insurance contributions).

From 01.01.2018, female employees are entitled to pay 15 years of social insurance pensions by 45% of the average monthly wage in social insurance contributions; from the 16th year onwards shall be added 2% each year. Thus, female workers must be 30 years of social insurance contributions are eligible for a maximum pension equal to 75%.

Previously, played 15 years male workers enjoy social insurance pensions by 45% of the average monthly wage in social insurance contributions. From 01.01.2018, to enjoy the above, it must play a full 16 years, ascending to 2022, they must participate in 20 years to enjoy the level of 45%. To be entitled to the maximum pension is 75% of male workers to pay premiums for 35 years (instead of 30 years as at present).

So, want to get the maximum pension benefit of 75%, the employee social insurance contributions for another 5 years. For each year of early retirement as prescribed, be deducted 2%. From 01.01.2016, the social insurance state agency under the average salary last 15 years to calculate the pension benefit instead of the last 5 years as before. With employees working in the enterprise, a basis for pension calculation is the average of the closing process.

Extending maternity

Male workers leave when their wives give birth:

For the first time, the new law supplements the maternity for male workers. Specifically, the husband is entitled to 5 working days in case of normal delivery wife, 7 days of birth when his wife had surgery, giving birth less than 32 weeks old. If husband and wife are twins they stay 10 days; from birth to three or more, each additional child are entitled to 3 working days. If the wife gives birth to more that require surgery, the husband is entitled to 14 days. If only the social insurance husband and wife give birth while still receiving benefits once in 2 months base salary. Time maternity leave entitlement is calculated in the first 30 days since her birth.

Women workers surrogacy and surrogate mothers are on maternity leave:

Regulations allow surrogacy because humanitarian purposes by the National Assembly in May 6/2014 in Marriage and Family Law amendments. Pregnant female employee is entitled to antenatal care protection, maximum stay during maternity maternity as a surrogate mother through.

When children under 6 months of age, unfortunately surrogate mothers through death or inadequate health care for children, the father through surrogacy or foster mother directly enjoy maternity for the remaining time thanks to the surrogate mother. If the father or carers are involved in social insurance, apart from the holiday without wages, are also entitled to maternity for the remaining period of the mother was missing or inadequate health care for children.

Conditions are entitled to maternity surrogate mother, surrogate mother thanks to sufficient social insurance contributions for 6 months or more during the 12 months before the birth or adoption.

Number of male labor day when her maternity leave (Read more). Graphics: Vietnam Chung - Hoang Phuong.

Increased levels of sickness benefit

Sickness benefit levels are adjusted upwards. Specifically, the sickness allowance per day is calculated by dividing the monthly allowance for 24 days instead of 26 days as the current split. Benefit level for convalescence and rehabilitation after sickness, maternity, labor accidents by 30% a day wage basis. Support levels long illness (after 180 days) increased to 50% instead of 45% today.

Extending social insurance participants

Compulsory social insurance supplement 3 groups who work to close a labor contract from one month to less than 3 months; Activists are not specialized in the commune; employees are foreign citizens.

Expanding voluntary social insurance participants not control the direction of the ceiling age; lowered floor as basis for paying income; diverse modes of play and the main State