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Payday is a happy time of the employee, but the previous stage may be a nightmare of HR staffs who perform payroll tasks. They take much time to handle both other tasks of HR department, payroll tasks and repeat busy to solve a lot of unexpected hassle in payroll tasks each month.

Almost people think that payroll tasks are just carried out on a certain time in a month, is a simple routine and not to take much time to complete all. However, the reality is that you have to carry out the payroll tasks throughout a month. Track working time; keep up with legislation; manage information what can make change tax or social insurance of employee, deal with the regime of the employee, and work with the authorities. Above are just some of payroll tasks.

You cannot imagine how stressful it is with payroll management if you are not HR staff. You can take hours just waiting for your turn to submit documents, official dispatch at the authorities, or back and forth because of wrong or lack of document form; not to mention other tasks of payroll management you have to implement at an office, enough to make you crazy.

You are waste much time for a non-profit function!

How to control your time in Payroll management?

Here are some tips that can help you:

Set up payroll calendar:

It reminds time to perform your payroll tasks in a month such as gathering working time of the employee, calculating the payables, transfer salary, and submit the obligation payables. Payroll calendar can help you operate your payroll on time and scientifically.

Technologize your payroll management:

Provide online access to an employee to track working time, provide payslip, or update information that helps you reduce the big amount of time to follow and deal with their inquiry. Carry out the calculation of payroll by software is faster, more accurate.

Technologizing payroll management does not only help you save time and effort to perform work but also save paper, ink, and place to store.

Simplify your policies:

Complicated workplace policies frequently increase the administrative burden of processing, so provide clear and concise policies for issues such as attendance, leave of absence, commission, and expense reimbursement.

Outsource payroll function:

You can outsource your payroll to the professional agency to reduce burdens and spend your time to focus core business to make more profit.

That is a way worth to consider!

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