Add two subjects must participate in compulsory social insurance

Since Jan 1st 2018, besides those who have paid compulsory social insurance as current policy, there’s two more cases are required, namely those who work under a labor contract with a term of one month or more to less than three months; and employees who are foreign nationals working in Vietnam have a work permit or a practicing certificate or practicing certificate issued by a competent Vietnamese agency.

Add more income to pay social insurance

The monthly compulsory social insurance includes the salary and allowances. From 2018, the subjects for social insurance contributions will include salary, allowances and additional (stable) benefits.

Where the other benefits are a specific amount of money along with the wages agreed in the employment contract, and paid regularly to the employee in each pay period.

Other welfare schemes such as bonuses, incentive bonuses, mid-shift meal, petrol, telephone and travel allowances are counted as unpaid supplementary income, so they are not counted as social insurance contributions.

Up to 7 years imprisonment for business owner who evades to pay social insurance

In order to limit the state of arrears and evade payment of compulsory social insurance for employees, the Penal Code 2015 has supplemented the crime related to the above mentioned situation. The most serious crime is fines ranging from 500 million to one billion dong, or sentenced to between one or two years to seven years in case of one million or more evasion; evading insurance premiums for 200 or more people; not pay the amount of insurance already collected or deducted by the employee.

According to the Vietnam Social Insurance Agency, there’s only 250,000 companies have paid insurance for their employees among current 600,000 companies. At present, there are more than 2 million employees who are subject to social insurance debt by small businesses.

Increase the number of social insurance years to enjoy the maximum pension

Under the Law in 2014 about Social Insurance, the maximum pension rate is 75% of the average monthly salary of social insurance contribution

In order to enjoy the maximum pension, women workers must pay full 25 years of social insurance, but it will have to pay 30 years from 2018

Male laborers must pay social insurance for full 30 years. From 2018, men must pay 31 years if they retire by 2018, pay 32 years if they retire by 2019, pay 33 years if they retire by 2020, pay 34 years if they retire in 2021, and pay 35 years if they retire from 2022 onwards.

With the new regulation, applied for female workers retirement in 2018 with 25 years of social insurance contributions will lose 10% of salary.

According to the leaders of the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, about 3,000 female employees retire due to policy change. The Labor Ministry will propose to the Government a policy to support the increase of pensions for these workers.


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