Information from the Department of Health of Ho Chi Minh City, this agency has received documents from companies and businesses in Ho Chi Minh city on supporting foreigners who are investors, technical experts, skilled workers, business managers (referred to as experts) to enter Vietnam to work.

Refer to the official dispatch from Department of Labor War invalids and Social Affairs in here

For to create favorable conditions for businesses as well as unify the process of implementing medical isolation for foreigners who are investors, technical experts, highly skilled labor, and business managers (experts) ) entry into Vietnam through Tan Son Nhat international airport.

Department of Health proposed Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs, Department of Foreign Affairs to coordinate with departments and agencies in the city to organize the evaluation, approval, and evaluation of the list of proposed investors, technical experts, highly skilled labor, and business managers (experts) to advise the City People's Committee to decide the list of experts who will be allowed to work, and proceed to send that list to the Ministry of Public Security (the Immigration Management Department) for settlement.

Depending on the actual situation in the quarantined areas of the city, if experts are allowed to enter Ho Chi Minh City to work, these specialists will be quarantined in clusters of hotels and resorts in the concentrated quarantine area of ​​the City (with fee quarantine) or quarantined in the concentrated quarantine areas of the city (without charge).

The Department of Health assigns the International Medical Quarantine Center to coordinate with the Center for Diseases Control of HCMC to organize the transfer of experts from the airport to the designated quarantine areas; ensure epidemic prevention and control measures.

In addition, the Center for Diseases Control of HCMC organized to test, sample, and perform Covid-19 tests as prescribed. After a 14-day intensive quarantine period, the Center for Diseases Control of HCMC directed the District Health Centers to continue another 14 days of medical supervision when the experts returned to work, accommodation, residence places in the city to ensure not to spread the infection to the community.

After the end of the required 14-day isolation period, if experts who test negative for SARS-CoV-2 will continue to work, and at the same time be monitored for an additional 14 days by Local health authority of residence.

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