Do you know that debt of social insurance is the same with crime since 1/1/2018?

Accordingly, Deputy General Director of Vietnam Social Insurance has enhanced inspection requirements, arrears, and penalties to organizations and individuals with activity mentioned above. Generally, there's 102,900 company has social insurance debt, 8,800 cases were reported, more than 6,000 billion were collected and it's still continuing.

Moreover, there are many cases that businesses don't even know they have debt in social insurance liability, especially for organizations and individuals outsourcing their payroll for the 3rd party.

In order to resolve this situation, business owners/organizations need to focus & track the status of social insurance to be able to complement & complete it on time.

There are 3 ways to test/manage the progress of implementation of social insurance obligations are as follows:

Method 1: Organizations/individuals directly come to Vietnam Social Security (VSS) to receive papers about the status of social insurance contributions.


- Direct and transparency

- Ensure the signal reliability


- Wasting time.

- Many papers required.

- Highly ability of rejected requirement & asked for search by yourself on VSS official website.

- Trouble in the preservation & storage of papers.

Method 2: Organization access Vietnam Social Security website to search for a monthly social insurance status.


- Fast & convenience.

- Reduce the chaos of papers/ procedures.

- Documents are always available.

- Proactively to stay tuned for latest information because it’s always updated.


- The requirement of e-signature to sign in for an account.

Method 3: Checking the C12 form from the HR department (if any) or from the 3rd party that performs your payroll service.


- Fast & convenience.

- Always get the latest updated information monthly (at least 1 months).

- Easily searching and monitoring the monthly social insurance organization.


- Timing to provide form can be long because of late update by VSS.

- There’s some 3rd party that doesn’t actively provided for client.

By those 3 ways, the organization can easily monitor social insurance liability status.

As a company majoring in professional payroll services, ESOS always understands the concerns & worries of a client, thereby we have actively provided necessary documents to ensure organizations can easily follow their payroll & social insurance.

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