According to the text of the law, "social insurance is a guarantee of replacement or compensate a part of income for workers when they suffered a decrease or loss of earnings due to sickness, pregnancy, most working age or even death"

Simply speaking, social insurance is a fund created by workers and employers through 8% of the amount deducted from monthly wages of workers and 17.5% of the money paid by enterprises for workers within a maximum of 30 years for women or 35 years for men.

The purpose of social insurance is for workers enjoying these benefits:
+ Death Gratuity - was paid to employees if in the process of joining social insurance he/she died.
+ Maternity & Sickness Scheme - used to pay monthly salaries for workers leave due to sickness or pregnancy.
+ Defined Benefit Pension Scheme - to workers entitled to a maximum of 75% of the average basic wage while attending social insurance.

However, the problem arises when workers must have maternity or secondary care when they're sick, do they have to use money from Maternity & Sickness Scheme to pay the medical fee?

To solve that problem, the government has had mandatory regulations that employees & employers must join health insurance - which pays the medical & relative fee for workers and unemployment insurance - to the ensure basic life for employees when they're unemployed.

+ Workers have to deduct 2.5% income (1.5% for health insurance & 1% for unemployment insurance)
+ DN must deduct 4% cost (3% for health insurance and 1% for unemployment insurance)

In total, the employee must pay 10.5% to 21.5% for closed GOV'T & all the BH. From there, we can easily see that, to be entitled to the benefits of workers only had to pay a small fraction compared to the majority of the DN.

Therefore, social/health or unemployment insurance is an important part of every individual are in working age to ensure life when sickness, unemployment, old age or pregnancy.

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